SUN METER - 7 Patches

The smart way to enjoy the sun

SUN METER - 7 Patches

Disposable patches for controlled sun exposure

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Now you can have full control of sun exposure

Enjoy the sun smartly with this innovative device in the form of disposable bracelets and patches that help you have complete control of excessive exposure to UV, in order for you to avoid sunburn or other dangerous consequences.

Benefits SUN METER - 7 Patches \ Reviews SUN METER - 7 Patches

Ideal anywhere, anytime Sun Meter can be worn anytime, everywhere at sea, in the mountains, in the city, when you swim, ride a bike, play volleyball on the beach, directly on your skin, swimsuit, sports equipment or your favorite outfit.

Easy to wear and use Sun Meter is the simplest way to avoid a risky exposure to sunlight. The bracelet is fixed on the hand, and the patch can be applied anywhere without the risk of detachment, being especially suited for children most exposed to the risks of UV radiation.

Innovative, safe and educative The Sun Meter sensors are designed to let you know when you must reduce UV exposure when you need to apply more sunscreen or avoid the sun completely.

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I-am folosit in fiecare zi de plaja, cat am fost la mare. Nu se desprind cand intri in apa. Ii recomand.

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How Sun Meter Works

The bracelet or patch is applied to the skin in the morning, before exposure to the sun. If you use SPF lotion, apply the lotion to the bracelet or patch, so that they behave just like the skin. When removed from the pack, the Sun Meter must be yellow. Once you apply it, follow the changes throughout the day:

  • When the color changes in orange, it's time to reapply the sunscreen lotion. You can still stay in the sun, but you have to give your skin extra protection.
  • When the color changes to pink, it's time to retire in the shade and dress to avoid sunburn.

Advantages of Sun Meter for a Young and Beautiful Skin

  • Prevents the risks associated with sun exposure: sunburn, skin dryness, early aging, skin staining, hair drying, moles formation.
  • Resistant to water, dust, wind, can be worn with confidence throughout the day.
  • Very easy to wear and use.
  • Offers the possibility of choosing between the bracelet and the patch: the bracelet allows you to move freely and adjust according to the thickness of the arm, and the patches can be applied to any area of ​​the skin, including clothes, bath or backpack.