Nutraceuticals that help you have a younger skin from the inside

What do you want to notice when looking in the mirror? A beautiful skin that shines will make any woman smile and feel confident in her own strength. How can you start every day in a positive note? First of all, taking care of your beauty inside. The skin really mirrors the health of the whole organism. It is no longer a secret that lifestyle, especially the food choices we make, is reflected on the face. If you want a young skin it is very important to take care of it not only from the outside, but also from the inside. What exactly does skin care in the inside mean? In addition to optimum hydration and healthy nutrition, it is necessary to supplement the nutrients beneficial to it by nutraceuticals, nutraceuticals, products whose formulations include high quality nutrients extracted from food sources necessary to maintain firmness, elasticity and hydration of tissues. Learn more about nutraceuticals in this article.

Nutrients beneficial to the skin

There are certain nutrients with direct action on skin health. Healthy fats, vitamins B, C, E, antioxidant substances, hyaluronic acid, collagen are some of which you will find in skin-related nutraceuticals such as O'HISA and B-HADA III in the Health Shop portfolio . They fight against cellular aging and help maintain the firmness and elasticity of skin tissues.

Omega 3 fatty acids extracted from deep sea fish help maintain skin tone. They act on cell membranes, keeping them healthy and strong to retain valuable substances inside, such as water and nutrients. When the membranes are healthy, they mean that the cells are well-fed and hydrated, and the skin looks smooth and silky.

Also, Omega 3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties, which is why they help to prevent skin problems such as acne or psoriasis.

Omega 7 from sea buckthorn oil. Cataina is the best source of Omega 7 fatty acids, recognized for their anti-aging effect. They support the regeneration of the skin and stimulate the production of collagen.

Omega 6 from the lamb's tongue. These fatty acids are considered essential nutrients for the skin. Omega 6 plays a very important role for structural integrity and the skin barrier function.

Omega 9 olive oil. When you feel good, you look good. Omega 9 fatty acids energize and help improve mood. They maintain hydration in tissues, also having anti-inflammatory properties.

The vitamin B complex. These vitamins are recognized for their benefits in terms of skin, hair and nail health. 

  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) prevents premature aging, helps to heal and maintain healthy skin.Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) maintains skin elasticity.
  • Vitamin B6 is essential for the formation of new cells in the body, helping to prevent and treat skin disorders such as acne, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema.
  • Vitamin B7 (biotin) strengthens the nails, stimulates hair regeneration and is beneficial to the skin.
  • Vitamin B12. All cells in the body, including those in the skin, need vitamin B12 to achieve metabolism.Hyaluronic acid. It is very important for maintaining hydration in tissues. Stimulates the production of collagen, the skin protein responsible for skin firmness and elasticity, having an anti-aging role.

Hyaluronic acid also has benefits in terms of hair because it prevents the drying and damage of the yarn, which it strengthens and prevents the fall. 

Astanxanthin from melon and sea buckthorn oil. This antioxidant acts 6000 times more strongly against free radicals than vitamin C. It protects the skin against aging, improving firmness and texture. It also has the ability to protect it from ultraviolet rays. 

Nutraceuticals dedicated to beauty

The most important nutrients for maintaining the beauty of the skin inside are available in Nutraceutics for skin, Nutraceuticals, B-HADA III and O'HISA from Health Shop. They have special formulas designed to get the best results. The nutrients that come into the composition of the products are extracted from pure sources, with environment-friendly technologies. 

B-HADA III is a mixture of oils rich in rare ingredients, which nourishes the beauty of the skin inside, while supporting the improvement of health. Contains Omega 7 sea buckthorn oil, Omega 9 olive oil, Omega 6 lamb and Omega 3 deep sea fish that maintain tissue elasticity, stimulate cellular regeneration and collagen production with anti-aging effect. The outcome? Simply beautiful skin.


O'HISA is a nutraceutical complex that supports both skin and hair and nail health. This food supplement helps maintain skin elasticity, makes it softer and reduces visible signs of aging. After 6 weeks, fine wrinkles are blurred and skin texture becomes finer. In addition, the consumption of all essential nutrients has a beneficial effect on the hair, protecting it from falling and helping to strengthen the thread. In addition to improving the look of the skin, hair and nails, O'HISA also stimulates the immunity of the body by balancing the diet.  


Find out more about the ingredients and benefits of skin nutraceuticals in the Health Shop.

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