Enjoy success: 10 tactics to accelerate learning

We learn throughout our entire lives, but the foundations are set during childhood. How do you support your child on the road to success? From an early age, children need a consolidated range of skills to help them achieve their goals both during the study period and later, professionally.

With each stage, the challenges become greater, the volume and complexity of information increases, and the pressure for performance is felt more and more acute. The skills of writing, reading, and counting in the primary classes turn into complex interpretations, literary analysis, and calculations.

What habits and techniques are behind an effective learning process? Read below.


Children with ages between 3 and 14 years


Read to your child from the earliest ages. This usually helps him develop his language. It is one of the most important activities that support the cognitive development of children. Cultivate this habit in the family. Reading opens the appetite for knowledge, as well as the imagination of the little ones. The access to a wide variety of books can help him discover early what he is passionate about.



Children learn and grow through play. It is not a waste of time, on the contrary, it’s an opportunity to create the foundation for the development of intellectual, social, physical, and emotional skills. When playing with other children they learn to integrate and analyze their ideas, impressions, feelings with those of their playmates.


Cultivate grit

In the formula of success, an important part is occupied by how much grit a person has. The term grit refers to an individual's predisposition to achieve long-term goals through sustained work, perseverance, and resilience. This personality component plays a more important role than talent or intelligence when it comes to success in life. Support your child in making the best choices for his or her development, not necessarily the easiest ones. When you feel he wants to give up, stay by his side, encourage him, give him the confidence he has what it takes to succeed.


Quality of nutrition and rest

Providing the right nutrients is very important for cognitive development. Depending on age, children need protein from eggs, fish, yogurt, milk, and meat, necessary for alertness, attention, and reasoning. Carbohydrates from whole grains and fruits should also be included in the diet because they are fuel for the brain. Do not forget about the intake of vitamins and minerals.

A nutraceutical can contribute to supplement the nutrients provided through diet. Opt for a product with ingredients extracted from the highest quality natural sources such as QuattrO3TM + PS.

This nutraceutical complex includes Omega 3 fatty acids extracted from deep-sea fish oil, vitamin D3, sunflower phosphatidylserine, and primula oil, which contributes to the development of the nervous, cardiovascular, bone, muscle, immune and visual systems of children. The product mainly aims to support the cognitive ability of children from the age of 3, so that they can reach their full potential - whether they have sports skills and need more energy for a strong body, but also more concentration, either they are inclined to intellectual activities and need to cultivate more their learning, attention, and memory.


Affection and accomplishments recognition

Happier children are more likely to be successful during adulthood. So, don’t be cheap when it comes to manifesting your affection towards your little one. Embrace him, pay him attention, and play together. These gestures of love and affection seem to be related to intellectual development.

Address him words of praise when he deserves. Try to reward in general the effort made to achieve a certain result, more than the innate qualities, such as the degree of intelligence.


Children over 14 years

Take small steps towards high grades

Performance is achieved through determination and consistency, which is why it is recommended that large goals be fragmented into smaller easier to achieve ones. Also, pressure decreases. The constant study makes important moments, such as exams, be approached with more confidence and certainty.


Time for rest

For teenagers, the challenge arises to reconcile the time for school and study with time for fun. However, the number of sleep hours and its quality should not be ignored. Fatigue affects learning pace and performance overall. The body needs support to meet the challenges and stress associated with tests and exams.

In addition to a resting program, nutrients that support cognitive functions are also needed. UnoCardio® Active Mind helps maintain focus, memory, and reduce fatigue due to Omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin D3, selenium, lutein, and ginseng. Read more details here.


Prevent cognitive exhaustion

By the end of the day, the ability to concentrate decreases. No matter how effective the learning techniques are, in the absence of motivation and energy, nothing seems to work. Fragmentation of the study into 25-30 minutes cycles, followed by a short pause, may be a solution. Also, accelerating learning is closely related to eliminating factors that can distract attention, such as social media notifications.



Colleagues and friends have a great influence on behavior, especially during adolescence. The group's pressure is often perceived as negative, but there are exceptions. A very studious colleague or a friend with very good study outcomes can be a motivating factor for expanding knowledge. Being near high achievers can contribute to learning improvement.


Confide in child’s capabilities

In a period of self-seeking and, often, of insecurities, the parent's projected confidence in the child's abilities contributes to his or her success. Remind your child constantly that he has the power to accomplish everything he wants.


The road to success is full of challenges, but the feeling of achievement is definitely worth the effort. During this journey, it is important to enjoy the support of our loved ones, as well as the little help that contributes to maintaining concentration and memory.

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