How to Order

To buy products on the website, please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Choose the desired product: you can search for a product directly in the special search field or browse through the product categories directly from the menu displayed at the top of the site.

Step 2: Add the desired products to your shopping cart by selecting the "Add to Cart" button.

Step 3: After adding each product to your shopping cart, clicking on the "Checkout" button is automatically directed to your shopping cart, here you can review the list of selected products, update the quantity, or quit one or all selected products.

Optional: If you have a discount voucher, write the code in the "Voucher Code" box and click on the "Apply Coupon" button. After pressing the button, you will see the discount value displayed.

Step 4: Follow the steps in the section. You'll need to select the billing details, the payment method you want and the delivery method. Do not forget to read the terms and conditions and check the acceptance box.

The final step for submitting the order is the "Confirm" button. Shortly after pressing this button, you will receive an email confirming the order entry.

Once the order is registered, you will be contacted by phone on the numbers provided in your previously created account by a Health-shop representative to confirm the order.

We reserve the right to refuse orders if the customer does not confirm the telephone or email order and for which there is a history of missed orders. In such situations, we will inform the customer by email at the address provided when creating the account and we will wait for the order confirmation. Orders in this situation will be delivered as of the date we receive confirmation from the customer.

Payment methods

The payment methods on the website are:

• Cash on delivery

• Pay with your bank card

• Paypal payment (for customers outside of Romania) Cash on delivery Payment will be made in cash upon receipt of the package. The total value of the order is mentioned in the email received when the order was registered. For customers outside of Romania, this payment method is not available.


Pay with your bank card

Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted for payment by credit card. By calling this card payment option you will be redirected to a secure page where you will be asked to enter your card details. When you place an order on our site, your counter value will be blocked in your account at our disposal. If the order is not dispatched, the amount will be unblocked as soon as this situation is found (maximum 30 days according to the laws in force). For more details and information on the secure online payment system, please visit our partner's website


Payment through Paypal

If you choose the Paypal payment method, when you confirm the order you will be redirected to a secured Paypal page where you will be asked for the details of your Paypal account. To see delivery policy details, click here.

When placing orders outside the European Union: 

For customers who purchase products and are not located in the European Union, it is possible that the delivery of the product will have to pay a small fee additionally according to the customs legal provisions in that country. These costs are NOT included in the final price on the website. The final price on the website contains the price of the product and the transport costs.If there are certain customs duties to be paid, they will be invoiced by the express courier company or your preferred customs agent. We recommend that you contact your local customs office to determine the total cost before purchasing the product. If you purchase products in the United States, the prices mentioned will be in US Dollars. We mention that prices are set in EUR, and USD prices are strictly to help non-EU customers approximate their US dollar values ​​in line with the exchange rate set in the website.The exchange rate used is the European Central Bank + 7% rate. Please note that the exchange rate changes periodically.In any case, for all payments made with cards with a currency other than EUR, the prices will be nominated in EUR and the exchange rate of the issuing bank will apply.Also for shipments to the United States, if the total order value does not exceed the equivalent of USD 800, the customer will not pay any customs duty or costs associated with customs formalities.


VAT Information 

The price of the products on the website is displayed in the currency of your country and contains VAT. If you wish to purchase the products from a legal entity within the European Union located in a country other than Romania and the company has a valid European VAT code, please tick NOT in the "Payer VAT" box. In this case, the price will no longer include VAT. We mention that VAT code will be checked by our specialists in the VIES European platform. If the respective platform does not recognize the VAT code mentioned above, we will contact you by phone or email for resolution.  Other information We reserve the right to refuse orders if the customer does not confirm the telephone or email order and for which there is a history of missed orders. In such situations, we will inform the customer by email at the address provided when creating the account and we will wait for the order confirmation. Orders in this situation will be delivered as of the date we receive confirmation from the customer. For orders placed in any country other than Romania the only accepted payment method is credit/debit card payment. The payment method with the credit/debit card is provided by the NETOPIA SRL payment processor.


Promotional points system

Health-Shop wants to offer its customers a unique shopping experience. Every purchase from us on the website is rewarded.

At each purchase on the website, Health-Shop grants promotional items. These promotional items can be used in future shopping.


Policy for RO customers for promotional points

Every 20 lei spent on our website, we will reward you with 1 promotional point. The value of each promotional point is of 1 leu.

Example: When purchasing a product worth 100 lei, the customer earns 5 promotional points. At the next purchase, the gained promotional points can be used. Each promotional point has a value of 1 leu, so you can pay 5 lei from the next order with those points you have obtained.

Promotional points have a validity term of one year after they are credited with the purchase.


Status point system and discount cards for RO customers

Status points accumulate within the client account in the following situations:

• For each finalised order, 15 status points will be granted

• For each product added in the cart for the completed order, 5 status points will be granted

• For each 100 lei in the cart, 5 Status Points will be granted

• For each active month (in which at least one order was placed), 30 Status Points will be awarded

Based on status points, Health-shop offers loyalty cards to its customers.

Depending on the number of cumulative points, customers receive loyalty cards and reach discount thresholds on all products on the website as follows:

1. Standard Card (5%) - when creating an account on the site

2. SILVER Card (10%) - when reaching 500 Status Points

3. GOLD Card (15%) – when reaching 2000 Status Points

4. PLATINUM Card (20%) – when reaching 10000 Status Points

Status points will be reset after 1 year from the time of registering your account within the Health-Shop website.

Status points and promotional points are automatically added to your account based on the above.

At the time of purchase, at the "Checkout" section, you can apply the promotional points that you obtained.


If you have a discount voucher: Click the "Use voucher" button inside the shopping cart and enter the code in the box above "Voucher Code".


If you have a loyalty card: Write the code on the card at the "Voucher Code" section and click the "Use Card" button. You will benefit from the discount mentioned on the card depending on the type of loyalty card you own.


If you want to use the accumulated promotional points: click the "Use Promotional Points" button.