What are Nutraceuticals?

A healthy diet is the most handy thing you can do for your health and beauty. Through nutrition it gives the body the nutrients needed for optimal functioning. When you eat naturally, balanced and varied, it feels and feels: you enjoy increased vitality, you have more energy to do what you want, and last but not least, you look better. Quality nutrients, in the required amounts, influence your physical and emotional health as well as your skin and hair.

However, nutrients from food are not always enough to meet your body's needs. So, in order to support the good functioning of the body and delay the aging process, it is necessary to supplement your diet. Nutraceuticals, nutraceuticals, helps to give the body nutrients of high quality, easily absorbed and used.

What are nutraceuticals?

Nutraceuticals are products that contain nutrients in high concentrations, extracted from whole food sources, perfectly compatible with the human body, which have health benefits. They may contain one or more types of nutrients that complement those brought by food to help achieve good functioning goals without the associated side effects. Their definition fits very well over Hippocrates: "May the food be your medicine." Nutraceuticals, nutraceuticals, give you everything that is most valuable from food in a concentrated form. 

In the nutraceuticals category comes:

  • Probiotics and prebiotics present in fermented dairy (yoghurt, kefir) necessary for the health of the digestive system;
  • Antioxidants that play a role in fighting free radicals responsible for premature aging;
  • Fibers available in fruits and vegetables, useful for good digestion;
  • Essential fatty acids derived from fatty fish, seeds and nuts, beneficial to the cardiovascular system, vision, skin and brain health;
  • Vitamins, such as vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant, and vitamin D3 very important for the health of the bones, muscles and the immune system.
  • Coenzyme Q10 in its active form, ubiquinol, which maintains cellular energy production, delaying aging processes.
  • Herbs and spices with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Skin nutraceuticals

A special category is skin nutraceuticals, nutraceuticals dedicated to skin care from the inside. They contain substances with proven benefits in maintaining the youthful appearance of the complexion. Nutraceuticals for the skin make it possible for the beauty that comes from the inside through the intake of nuts necessary to keep its hydration and elasticity, their effect being especially anti-aging. Omega 3 essential fatty acids extracted from deep sea fish, sea buckthorn Omega 7, olive oil Omega 9, antioxidant vitamin B2 (riboflavin) that prevents premature aging, vitamin B5 needed to maintain tissue elasticity and Q10 coenzyme are a few of substances that help keep your skin young, which you will find in Nutraceuticals.

Benefits of nutraceuticals for health and beauty

The role of nutraceuticals is especially an adjuvant, contributing to maintaining a general well-being from a physical and psycho-emotional point of view. They support a series of biological processes, such as the fight against free radicals, cell renewal, or gene expression.

Their action is beneficial for:

  • cardiovascular health;
  • prevention of diabetes;
  • an optimal digestion;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • improving vision;
  • bones, muscles and strong joints;
  • supporting intellectual performance, memory and attention;
  • delaying the aging process;
  • maintaining the beauty of the skin, hair and nails;
  • good mood.

Who can take nutraceuticals? 

Because they have the role of supporting the well functioning of the body, nutraceuticals can be administered to both adults and children. There are special formulations for the latter, designed to support the harmonious growth of the small ones, the development of the bone system, strengthening the immune system, improving intellectual performance, memory and concentration. Nutraceuticals created for children can be administered from the age of 3 years. 

Nutraceuticals are also recommended for healthy people who want to maintain their tone and enjoy a high level of vitality, as well as those who have been diagnosed with diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis, or chronic fatigue. There are also products for people who are highly solicitated from an intellectual point of view at school or service, those who do sports or exercise a lot of physical activity.   


We invite you to discover the premium healthcare range of Nutraceuticals and choose the right products for you and your loved ones.


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