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The choices you make for your health and the health of your loved ones are essential. We know that it is difficult to decide what is the right solution from the multitude of options available. We created the Health Shop concept for a smart lifestyle to make sure you choose the best product for your health, beauty and wellbeing needs.

The Health Shop portfolio includes innovative products, selected by our team of experts. Their premium quality is due to the purity of the ingredients, the technologies of production and the proven effectiveness through research and studies.

Health Shop products help you take care of your physical and mental good state by contributing to prevent chronic diseases and achieve certain treatment goals without side effects. Our approach addresses the internal processes of the body that once optimized reflect a high level of energy, increased vitality, and biological youth.


High-quality nutrients, extracted from pure and sustainable food sources, are perfectly compatible with the human body. Their benefits translate into visible, consolidated and lasting results.

At Health Shop you will find premium products that support:

The good functioning of the cardiovascular system;

Strengthening the immune system;

The health of bones, joints, and muscles;

slowing down cell aging processes;

Intellectual functions and memory;

Achieving inner balance and good mood;

Beauty and health of the skin, hair, and nails;

Fight against free radicals;

Harmonious development of children.

Recommended by DOC

Health Shop products and services bear the Recommended by DOC trademark for the highest quality. The complex and continuous analysis process assesses the purity, safety, innovative character, efficiency, and origin of ingredients, the technology of obtaining, bioavailability and certification by leading international organizations.

Dr. Oana Cuzino, Primary Geriatric Doctor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, signs the Recommended by DOC mark based on the evaluations received from a multidisciplinary team of experts, outstanding physicians and specialists with accredited studies and long-term experience, that work on the rigorous selection of products and services in the Health Shop portfolio.

Supplements, Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Recommended by DOC are products with unique, high-quality formulations, and increased bioavailability.

Learn more about the rigorous selection process of products and services on doc.ro.

We Reward You for Taking Care of Your Health

Health Shop rewards you for loyalty. Once you place your first order, you will receive the Health Shop Standard Card, which offers you a 5% permanent discount and access to discount vouchers.

Every time you buy products, you get promotional points that you can use for later purchases and status points that will help you achieve a superior membership card: SILVER, GOLD, or PLATINUM, which will give ensure you larger permanent discounts.

Read more about our loyalty policy here.

Let’s Connect and Enjoy a Better Health

We build a community that supports education and interaction for a smart lifestyle that revolves around health innovation. Our goal is to increase the quality of your life through cutting-edge solutions.

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